Do I need a side hustle?



With the New Years’ and buyer’s remorse as credit card bills roll in from December purchases, the need to look for more money making opportunities is at the top of the list for many.  Pinterest has a million and one posting about side jobs for anyone looking for part-time work or for stay-at-home parents; make $40,000 a year with a blog; make a quick $100 doing side jobs; start making $200 a week taking surveys, etc.  The list could go on and on.  Many of these opportunities are not legit and are completely unrealistic.  I have spent about 12 hours’ worth of research, digging, and reading about many of these wonderful opportunities and here is what I learned:

DO YOUR REASEARCH: Go to the company website, read about the company, how the company works, how payment works, what it takes to actually make money.  Many of these sites look to build their own email list, newsletter list, contact list, etc.  Therefore, as you put in your information, including your address and email, you now end-up on their mail list for everything and anything and without a job. 

TRAINING: If a company really wants you and needs you, there should be some form of a training.  If there is no training, and all website just ask is for your info, there is a pretty good chance there is no real opportunities with that company.  There should also be more of an application process.  Not just asking your personal contact info and magically, you are being considered.  If the company and position are legit, there should be some form of a hiring process and training (an investment in you as their employee).

COMPETITIVNESS: Some opportunities are very competitive such as research assistances, proof readers, editors, freelance writers, etc.  These opportunities take more than just saying to yourself, “I like to write” or “I love to write”.  You have to be a very, very strong writer and editor.  You also have to pass a number of writing and research related test.  Some of these test can take hours to complete.  If you want to head down this path, make sure your writing skills are spotless; that your editing and grammar skills are perfect; and that you have the writing skills needed they are requesting. 

DOES IT REALLY PAY? Well some yes, and some, no.  Or it takes you completing 32 surveys before you make your first $5.  Is it really worth it?  Is it worth your time?  Many side jobs want you to complete so many task before you start accumulating money/payment.  There are many reasons for this; they want to see if you are serious and want to see your quality of work; if you are going to stick with it; and some are just trying to get you do to work without paying you much.  Make sure you research the company, app, job, etc. before you sign-up and see if what others are saying about their experiences with these companies.   

TRANSCIPTIONIST: This is probably one of the most popular, do at home, positions.  However, you do need to be trained and you do need to invest in equipment (such as laptop, software, foot pedal, Wi-Fi, etc.)  I have had to hire a transcriptionist before and it is hard to find a good quality transcriptionist.  If you have the time to commit, the money to invest in the equipment, and are a pretty fast typist, this could be a very good side hustle for you. 

I really would like to find a legit side hustle for 5-10 hours a week, to make $150-$200 a month.  I have applied, tested, researched, read, and repeat.   I will let you know what I find and what works for me.  I assume everyone’s skill set, time, and need to make money, etc. are different.  I will keep you posted on my journey in finding the right side hustle.   


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