I Stepped on the Scales Today…

Today, at the local wellness center, I decided to step on the scales.  Like what you use at the doctor’s office.  I normally would take off every piece of clothing possible and shoes, hoping to lessen the load.  I know this has little impact but makes me feel better.  Those types of scales hide nothing.  I closed my eyes and stepped on, shoes and all.  I started moving the balance, more and more to the right until it evened out. 

125.  To help with this shock, I reminded myself that I had my shoes on and an extra layer of clothing (please know that I am  5 feet 1 inch in height).   However, 125 is where I am going to start out.  I use AdvoCare products year round for vitamins and supplements.  I do a 24-day challenge about 3 times a year.  I love the products and they keep me healthy.  I don’t think that AdvoCare is right for everyone, that you got to find the right products, diet, workout, etc. that fits you and your body/lifestyle. 

I love sugar but I am also a good fruit, veggie, and fairly clean eater.  My other vice is coffee, like Starbucks drinks with hundreds of calories. Which I allow myself 3-4 of those types of drinks a month.  I also like wine.  So, a sweet tooth, with coffee and wine.  What a great combination for diet failure and diabetes. 


But I want to get more toned, eat healthier and stay healthy.  The number on the scales is ok, not where I want to be, but I don’t get sick; I have lots of energy; and I feel pretty good but I could be better.  There are parts of my body that I dislike. 

So, here is my commitment to myself and my body:

o   I will love and appreciate my body…period. 

o   I will commit to working out 4-5 times a week (because I like to work out and feel 1000 times better when I leave the gym).

o   I will stay away from sugar, sweets, candy, high sugar coffee drinks, etc.  I will be more knowledgeable about sugar. I will allow myself to spurge 2 times a month.

o   I commit to making more food and eating less processed food (this includes soups, salad dressings, and frozen veggies which I eat a lot of in the winter).

o   I will weigh in weekly and hold myself accountable.

o   I commit to a vitamins and supplements which help keep me healthy.

What can you commit too to have healthier lifestyle? What can you do for yourself to feel healthier?  I hate weighing myself, I hate to measure myself and I am sure as heck not taking any selfies of myself to show pre/post of any change but more power to those who do!  I just don’t have the self-confidence to do so. 

I am starting at 125, an AdvoCare Challenge and lots of clean eating which means food prep which is not one of my favorite things.  But it is true, the more your plan, the better you stick with it.  Plus, you are what you eat.  I can’t be 125-pound pile of coffee and sugar. 

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