Vacation Completed

After listening to Power Rangers, Road Chip (Chipmunk Movie) and Life of Pets on a loop (for 12 hours) throughout the SUV, I needed a glass of wine.  Or maybe a bottle.  I am not ashamed to admit this.

Our family vacation for us has been completed and we have all:

A.     Survived

B.     No one is grounded

C.     No one is injured

D.    I still have money in my bank account

E.     No stuffed animal left behind

F.      No one got sick

But honestly, all in all, we had a great trip.  As the older my kids get, the less stressful it is for me.  As a parent and being overly organized, I like to pack, organize, plan every detail and then overly organize a plan B and a plan C.  Just in case plan A falls through.  The more organized I am (as annoying as it is to others) the less stressed and anxious I am which benefits everyone.

I tend to take my kids on history orientated trips.  I don’t shove history down their throats but I try to make sure they will get to see or experience aspects that they like or enjoy.  They love canons, trains, some historical figures, anything with wheels, guns/military objects, etc.  This trip focused on revolutionary history which my boys begged for soldier hats to march around in (and toy guns which I did not allow because they turn into physical weapons).  As a mother of boys, you quickly learn that pretty much anything can turn into a sword or something to smack or hit another child with.  It is inherently part of little boy DNA.  All objects can be used as weapon. 

It did rain us one day, like poured but it was really warm out.  At first of my kids flipped out about being wet but them we turned it into walking/playing in puddles and streams.  All was well.  Then we went to a museum, souvenir shop and to get ice cream while it rained.  We had a great time.

I hope that my kids remember these trips and experiences.  That something sticks out in their mind that helps them grow as a person, appreciate history, and/or helps lead them to a new hobby or interest. I think that most parents want this for their kids.  I always hope that visits to places like the College of William and Mary or Georgetown University, will inspire them educationally but I know they are truly annoyed with those parts of a trip.  My oldest son asked me why do I buy them college shirts from places that no one at home has heard of?  I smile and say, “It’s ok to be different” and I going keep buying those shirts and we will keep going on historically themed vacations. 

To all you parents, taking trips or planning trips with your kids, best of luck!  Travel with wine, Advil, and a much bigger and better variety of DVDs/movies. 



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