When Did I Become Uncool?

I am officially uncool…

I am still trying to figure it out.  I have been warned and I have worried over when this day might come, and it has arrived.  I am officially uncool in the eyes of my 10-year-old son.  Even worse, he is worried I will embarrass him.

Moms of boys out there, when did it happen for you?  Or did it?  I thought maybe middle school but I was wrong.  Maybe I wasn’t cool to begin with, I am totally fine to admit that but now, today, I know my limited coolness has ran dry, it’s over, done, out the door…

Here are a few reasons why I know this to be true:

  • The 100 eye rolls I get every time I open my mouth from my child.
  • Attitude (of entitlement of everything and anything).
  • Comments like, “Mom don’t do that, your embarrassing me” when all I am doing is standing there.
  • Comments like, “Mom, seriously, you don’t know anything!”
  • Head shaking, my child shakes his head at me.
  • Everything, I mean everything is my fault. The weather, the Cubs lost, the Ipad isn’t charged, etc.  All my fault. Period.
  • Backtalk for everything, because at 10, he has the wisdom, knowledge and experience of a 45-year-old man or woman (I also have PhD but I know nothing).

I am sure that many of you can add to this list and I am sure that there are some similarities to moms of girls as well.  Is there coping tools, a support group, something, that helps mothers deal with this stage in life?  Beyond my sit-down talks with him, lectures (which are completely ineffective and he tells me so), grounding of IPad, grounding of sports/games on TV, etc. is there any wise words of advice that anyone has to share to help navigate the waters of boyhood and attitudes?

I think, like most parents, we all want the same thing for our kids; for them to be happy, healthy, kind to others, and self-assured.  This stage in life seems like growing pains or a bump in the road and many have told me that it will only get worse.

So, I accepting the fact that I am completely uncool.  I will remain uncool for maybe another 10 years.  There might be some glimpse of hope from time to time. I wish all other “uncool” parents the best of luck with their child or teen.  Wine is a good coping mechanism.  Just saying:)

One thought on “When Did I Become Uncool?

  1. Welcome to the club! My experience was it started earlier than in his peers but ended earlier. Hang in there. When he outgrows it, you may get some eye rolls but it will be a source of amusement, not embarrassment. And you’ll be cool again.

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