New Year, New Goals…Intentional Goal Making for 2018

I really don’t like using the term “New Year’s Resolutions” so I like to use the term “goals” which is more about what can I accomplish instead of what can I change.  Goals also require action steps.  Resolution means to resolve, to change, to make different.  I think we can all benefit from both resolutions and goals but I find goals more meaningful.    

I am a task oriented, list maker.  I have numerous pads of paper that I use to make list for work, list for school, list for the house, list for groceries, etc.  You name it, I can make a list for it.  I admit, I am little over the top with list making.  While on vacation over the holidays, I found myself making four different work related list.

But making a goal list, an intentional goal list for 2018 is very important to me.  I think about what I and/or my family have accomplished in 2017 and what we need to focus on in 2018.  Some goals relate to family, money, health, travel, etc.  But I try to make them:

·        Realistic

·        Affordable

·        Benefit to my personal growth or my children’s personal growth

·        Benefit to my professional growth

·        Manageable

·        Measurable

What I have learned in years past is that I set the same goals and really don’t make them measurable, impactful, manageable, etc.  Example: I want to lose weight.  Most people include a resolution or a goal that is health oriented such as losing weight, training for a marathon, eating out less, etc.  However, to lose weight is not a very direct or overly measureable goal.  But by adding a realistic, more descriptive terms, or by adding words like eat healthier (adding more veggies or fruits to my diet) makes it more relevant and I seem to stick to it more when it is more meaningful and measurable. 

I think a lot of people don’t include goals that are goals.  They discount them as part of life.  If you know you are already going on a vacation this next year, include that as a goal.  That is a major accomplishment to get organized, packed, prepared, get there, have fun, return, unpack, etc.  I use to not include items like this, but I should have and I do now. 

If you want to be a better parent, friend, co-worker, boss, etc.  then make that a goal but make it meaningful.  How can you be a better parent, boss, friend?  Include that as part of your goal, these are action steps.  I can be a better friend by reaching out to my friends monthly and organizing monthly lunches or dinners; randomly dropping off a bottle of wine and a card at their house; make sure I text or call them when something good/bad happens in their life; or just check in on them from time-to-time, to let them know I care.       

I would argue that your goal list should have something on it that truly challenges you, maybe even pushes you or slightly scares you.  It’s something that requires a major leap in change or a very promising challenge.  Greatness does not happen within your comfort zone.  Your comfort zone is where life is comfortable.  I challenge you to include a goal that pushes your boundaries.  It doesn’t have to be something like sky diving, or rock climbing but maybe something in back of your head and heart that inspires you but takes guts to do.  Make 2018 memorable, be challenged, and enjoy life.  Good luck with your intentional goal making and action steps.  Bring on 2018!

Goals 2018




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