My Branding Journey…

I have reading and researching a lot about branding which has been very interesting and fascinating. I have a communication/public relations background but marketing, branding, advertising, etc. are all their own field. I think that many people get them all mixed-up thinking that marketing is branding or that marketing is public relations. So here is short run-down of these terms (in my own words):

  • Public relations: word of mouth (normally this is free but can cost money if hiring a PR firm.)
  • Advertising: payment for a space in a media sector (or social media sector) and this medium reaches a large audience (ads on TV, in newspapers, billboards, online, etc.)
  • Marketing: product, price, place, promotion (so, how all of these aspects are engaged together, as they refer to a product, company or service)
  • Branding: positioning of an image/identity with your (or a) market (relationship orientated, experience driven)

As I look to further develop this blog and the logo into something more, the idea of developing it into a brand has come to mind. I kind of started this process backwards with an idea, logo and blog. Many people would have started with the branding piece first. What I have loved about learning about branding is the creative nature of branding.

The branding process depends on the type of business. If corporate, the branding process and out-comes will be very different than something like a lifestyle company. But the process, no matter what field you are in, is vital to understanding your brand and how to get people (your clients) to travel along with you on your journey.


I truly don’t feel that by nature, that I am a creative person. That I like everything to be in its place; everything needs to be balanced and proportional; everything should be fix into a category; etc. However, this branding journey has helped me to see that creatively is part of the human mind. That we all have it but for some of us (like me) I need to dig deep to find it and be brave enough to use it!

I have tried to work hard to find creativity in nature and all around me. Sometimes, it is easier to find than others. Colors and textures can be found in plants and flowers or in the brick or wood of an old building for example. Everyday things that we pass by and don’t give a second look too. Another branding suggestion is to make a list of terms or words to describe your brand. All are adjectives that truly define your image and experience. You can honestly do this as person to better define yourself if you don’t have a business or the dream of a business. What words define you and what words do you think that others would use to define you?

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Above is my photos from a recent trip to a garden. I wanted to be creative about seeking out colors and textures. These were some of my favorite photos.
I have enjoyed my branding journey so far. As I seek out more creative outlets to better define Rosemary and Lemons, I hope you will continue your journey with me as I look to develop a small lifestyle product line for the fall. Therefore, the branding process has been incredibly meaningful in helping me think more deeply, creatively, and in tentatively about this whimsical brand.

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