The New Design Menu Tab

I have been working on updating the Blog and making changes to the menus. You will notice a new Design menu option now that includes some text and some printable. I am hoping to be able to showcase or share with you more about my work in regards to helping others create purposeful and meaningful space in their homes whether it is through remodeling, building, or just basic interior design updates.

Rosemary and Lemons-02
I am really excited about this new journey and have been working on and studying a lot about interior design, decorating styles, and basic construction. I love the idea of possibilities and those possibilities can be costly or pretty reasonable and this depends on how much research or thought you put into the process. But if you start with really thinking about making changes to your home, you need to consider how you use space, how do your children use the space, how does it flow, is it purposeful or function, what do you like or dislike about it, etc.?

Asking these questions and many more, will help you decided what exactly you need out of that space and how it will be most useful and functional for you and your family. When being more intentional about space and design, then you will end-up with a space that you will truly find purposeful and a space you will love.

My goal, is that people walk into their homes and feel happy! That they love their space or spaces! I find that many people return to their homes after a long day at work, and find themselves bogged down by clutter, chaos, and spaces filled with hats and gloves, shoes, book bags in piles, bills and the mail stacked up in piles on the counter, etc. I have been there! And at times, I still find myself starting these piles of clutter or just stepping over the piles of book bags and coats by the back door. Feeling annoyed and frustrated over the lack of space we have and that it is not function for my family. But I have the ability and power to change that. Sometimes it just some imagination.

Coat hooks or lockers help to make sure that each item has a “home”. Baskets serve for a place to put mail and then commit to de-cluttering daily or weekly. A basket for hats and gloves sits by the shoes and coats (by the back door so they don’t get dumped across the house). More major updates would be built-in lockers with storage and hooks. The carpet by the back door needs to go and a flooring easier to manage needs to go down with a rug. Simple and also moderate changes make that space functional, easier to care for and these aspects make me and many other people happy

I hope these printable (and more to come) help you think more intentionally about your space. If you need help with ideas, design, room layouts, colors, texture, etc. let me know how I can help. Thank you for reading the blog and for following my work!

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