Happy Easter and the Big Move

I had imaged how beautiful and peaceful the first winter snowfall would be from our new view, from our house, next winter. Well, we got to experience that sight on April 2 with the rest of Indiana. But we made it: a trip to PA; moving into a new home; and Easter all within a week. Life has been crazy but like all other families, you make it work.

Moving into the house was chaos which I don’t do well with and for a couple days we could not find anything. I have now bought 6 sets of shower curtain rings, knowing all this time, that we have them but no one could fine them (we only need 2 sets and kept losing them). We spent hours and hours, cleaning, dusting, moping, sorting, unpacking, etc. Piles of clothing and items that need to go in closets filled our floors and furniture. I begged for closet rods on Friday and were able to hang items and put toys, games, Legos, etc. into the closets.

Two pick-up truck loads to the dump and one car full of items to go good Samaritan, and we have ¾ of the house unpacked. Lacking counter tops and a kitchen sink facet has been interesting when making food for Easter which I had to do at my mom’s house. I can only wash so many dishes in the bathroom sink.

The kids slept well and sound in their beds last night, the family dog (Odie) found his new favorite sleeping spot with my son Kale. No internet yet, has been pushing us all over a cliff but having limited social media and TV (we have Apple TV, which only runs with Internet), has been a blessing. Everyone has found other ways to play and entertain themselves.

Easter was filled with food (too much food), family, church and egg hunting. We started an adult egg hunt a few years ago due to there being only 3 kids in the egg hunt and we have a lot more adults. I purchase beers, ciders, little liquors, and giant candy bars (we even had some wine this year). Everyone gets an Easter bucket and lines up (this looks ridiculous but it is so funny). I have never seen adults run so fast at an egg hunt or trash talk about tripping each other.

Some Easter pictures below. If you don’t want to do an Adult Easter Egg hunt with liquor, there are lot of other options/ideas:
• Healthy (granola bars, Gatorades, trail mixes, etc.) But who really wants this on Easter??
• Coffee/tea (coffee cups but in small bags, coffee or pods, tea, $5 Starbucks gift cards, etc.)
• Animals lovers (dog treats, cat toys, dog toys, small cans of pet food, etc.)
• Candy (oversized candy bars, boxes of candy, pop, etc.)


Just a few ideas to get everyone up and going and taking part in the fun. Who doesn’tlove a good egg hunt if it includes wine and candy?

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