A Work in Progress…

We made the big move 10 days ago and are living without Internet.  Not sure what has been worse; not being able to find anything or no Internet.  But we have been busy unpacking, cleaning, organizing, decorating, etc.  It seems never ending but we have taken multiple loads to the dump; donated a car load of items, etc.  We work going one room at time and that process has worked well for us.  Below are some recent pictures that show the unpacking and cleaning process but we still have some work to go.  Some parts of the house are still in progress such as the rails the stairs and the floor in the basement.

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I am hoping to continue grow in decorating principles and learning about different styles with this house.  Finding ways to carry colors and themes throughout the house has been challenging but fun.  The styles vary between a very Fixer Upper look to more polished or urbanized with the kitchen.  Different styles, in different rooms can work as long as there is décor that helps with the transition from one space to another.  A few pieces that I have used include wood textured items such as cheese boards; gold accents; and black accents.   You can find these pieces in each room/space as you move throughout the house.

Having no Internet has minimized by blogging time but I will provide some more updated/finished photos soon.  So excited to share the process with the others!  Can’t wait to help others with their decorating needs!

Rosemary and Lemons-02

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