Natalie’s May Picks

Each month, I will focus one blog post on new ideas and trends in home décor.  My style may not be for everyone but these monthly picks may spark some creative home changes or inspire you in some way. 

In making these recommendations or spotlights, I will be keeping in mind the time of the year, seasons and some trends.  But I really want to provide reasonable and usable ideas and décor that make sense to me rather than objects or ideas that are not family or child friendly; can’t be used in livable home; and provide no personality.  I seek out items that make me happy; that I find interesting; and that are useful/purposeful.  Rarely, will I make a purchase on something that I can’t not use in other ways or put to use in other spaces. 

Well, with that being said here are my May Monthly Design Picks!

Nautical lighting is very popular and helps create a space that feels like you are at the beach or at the lake.  But you don’t need water to create that look!  (We currently live on a giant sand dune, kind of like being at the beach!)  Nautical lighting comes in all shapes, sizes and cost.  One of my top picks is this nautical light from Houzz. 

I am a sucker for anything gold.  So accents, lights, etc. seem to end up with gold but I also gold is a very versatile color and adds an element of drama or interest.

Blue dishes are one of my favorite collecting pieces.  I sprinkle them around the house in spring/summer.   I found these at a local antique store.  I love history and this set had historical scenes from the Revolutionary War.  Perfect complement to anything gold and they can serve many purposes.  

may pick 2

Red/White/Blue table runners, placemats, bunting, etc.  anything that helps usher in the summer months and the 4th of July.  This table runner, I purchased at a Pottery Barn Outlet, is one of my favorite summer decorating pieces.  It looks like an old flag and it is well made, easy to store, and always comes out looking great.   


Wood accents are popular and easy to incorporate.  With wooden shelving as it relates to the industrial look, has made its way into homes and especially kitchens.  I am on the search for some wooden industrial shelving but started with a small wood accent purchase.  We needed a step-stool and a shorter side table next to the couch.  Just something someone could sit on or we could put on a drink it, if needed.  This awesome little wood stool fits the bill.  I saw similar ones at Home Goods but purchased this one from Amazon and love the texture.  A great interest piece that takes up very little space and serves multiple purposes. 

wood stool


Hope these ideas help you decorate for the summer!  Feel free to share other ideas or if you have questions.  Enjoy the sunshine!

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