We all need a metal cart!

I love little, rolling metal carts. Some were used for typewriters while others are or were used in shops for storage or to hold tools, food, boxes, etc. If it is metal and rolls, I am game. I think there are limitless opportunities for a useful, eye-catching, easy and affordable project if you can find a solid metal cart for $25 or less.

Carts can be used in the home in so many ways. For storage, for kids toys, for entertainment (such as a desert cart or for mixed drink cart). I found this beauty at a local antique store for about $22 and I was looking to make a drink cart for a guy office space. So I needed something a little bigger, that I could paint a darker color. It was going in a space that is not seen by others but was needed for storage and display.

Below are the steps I took to get this cart ready.

• I washed and scrubbed down the cart twice. It had been in a barn or storage for a while. I made sure there was no holes rusted through prior to purchasing.

• Removed the hardware/wheels to see if they needed replaced. If this cart was going in the living room or a space that most people entered, I would have done new shinny gold wheels or metal industrial wheels but for a basement office, I washed them up good. The cart isn’t going to roll much in the office.

• Then I painted the cart (two layers) of grey flat chalk paint. I also painted the hardware on the wheels black to clean them up some.

• If I was using this cart for entertaining (making drinks or serving food) I would also cover the top with a protective coat in case of spills or spots to the surface.
Then the cart was finished, I moved it to the basement office and filled it with items so it now serves as a man’s whiskey cart. The total cost of this project was $30 and very easy to do.


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This project is a sweet gift for friends or family. Styling drink and food carts is a real thing (check out Pinterest if you don’t believe me). I can’t wait to find another cart and I hope to make it into a living room entertainment cart for when we have family over for birthdays and holidays. Or a cart by the pool as an ice tea bar or drink bar. Or a kids cart that has football decals or trains on it, that can serve as toy storage and used for birthdays (I can keep going).

The best parts of this project: cheap, easy, creative, and very functional. Need I say more?

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