Natalie’s June Décor Picks!

I can’t believe it is June already! I hope time slows down this summer. Making a list of small (or big) projects can help slow down time and help to pace out the summer hours. I wrote about a metal cart project from last month that could be used in any home, in any space. Simple projects (such as the cart), are affordable, fun, and anyone can do them!
June looks to be filled with small projects, heat, and sunshine! So here are my June décor picks!

Industrial chic it is and I love anything that provides a look that consists of simple, clean lines but still has elements of history, use, that tell a story. Industrial pieces serve as both. Being able to repurpose pieces that have history, only adds interest to your home and helps to surround yourself with items of meaning or that have a story to tell. Finding industrial objects and items that related to you or your family history are a great place to start. Such as an old window frame or barn door that is from your family farm. Even just getting your hands on some old barn wood to make a frame, a focal wall, or headboard, can really add dimension and texture.

When looking or thinking about June items, industrial chic came to mind but also the aspect of easy, affordable updates.

Personally, I need a drink cart or need to redo one as a gift to have out by a pool. A fun and interesting cart that drinks, snacks, ice cream, etc. can be served when entertaining.

cart 2

Industrial lighting can be fun and easy to install. Plus, lights like this one, are pretty reasonable to find. My boys have them in their rooms and they provide a low, calming light. And they add character to their room.

This black lantern can be used inside or outside, on a table or by a fireplace. The black lines provide for a clean but classic look. It is easy to find a candle to fill the inside or fill it with sea shells, or another collection of sorts (holidays, Christmas bulbs, etc.)

I love tile and tile patterns. Houzz has some interesting and very creative tile designs that add a pop to any room. Patterned tile flooring in spaces like bathrooms add an extra touch; in pantry spaces and in kitchens as flooring and backsplashes. Shades of grey, blue, and black are my favorite. Here are few that I love, I just need to find a room to put them in.

If you don’t want to commit to tile or the cost (and work) there are sticker tiles! These can be found online as well. So if you have existing tile and just want to cover it up or a space that you want to add a design too, these are perfect. They are also great to use on stair steps as well. They stick on and peel off. I actually just ordered 2 dozen. I will share more about them when they arrive. This is an easy and affordable upgrade.

Other items that I am on the hunt for are black and white dishes, especially if they have animals or scenes on them; French linen clothes, colorful antique books, pennants, and horse racing memorabilia. These are my current favorites that I am on the hunt for.  I can’t wait for my stick tiles to come in and I am working on a pennant project as well.  Look forward to sharing soon!

Hope you have wonderful week and happy decorating!

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