Who Doesn’t Love Wooden Signs????


I am a sucker for wooden signs! Anything with cute script and great quotes, I will find a place to put it in my house. I think that wooden signs add charm and personality to any home and room.

Seeing how I love these signs, I thought to myself, “how hard could it be to make these signs?” Boy, I totally underestimated how much time, energy, and skill is needed to make these signs. However, I like the fact that I can tell that some signs are handmade. They have slight imperfections which make them unique and I like supporting small businesses and those in the crafting world.

As I embarked on this sign making journey, I spent a lot time online, on Pinterest and YouTube seeing how others were making these signs. Some were utilizing stencils while others used vinyl. Some used stencils with paint while others used chalk markers or sharpe markers. As you look closely at many of these signs, you can tell how they were made.

So, with this ambition in mind, we started making small wooden signs. We started with testing out stencils and then moved to vinyl. Then to different kinds of vinyl. I had tried some marker stencils but I didn’t like the completed product.

Differently paints and different kinds of wood stain were explored. Different kinds of wood were tried for the frame and the background panel. Varying colors/shades of white are still being explored as well has varying signs sizes. Here is what we have found out about this process:

• It is not as easy as it looks.
• Getting the right look and good quality take time.
• Getting the right look and good quality takes many, many tries.
• Getting other’s feedback is very important.
• Not being afraid to try, over and over again.

So, here are some signs that we have been working on perfecting. Some with the logo while others are quotes and others that might be used in a boy’s room. Finding logos, font, getting the size right, etc. all take a tremendous amount of time. Being mindful of season’s and holidays are also going to be considered. Take a look and let me know your thoughts! WE LOVE FEEDBACK!

sign onesign 3sign 2sign 4

We hope to keep exploring and perfecting these sweet little signs that I hope might grace your home sometime soon!

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