Birthday Parties and Boys

My son is turning 11. It’s already starting to get harder and more expensive to buy for him. He is outgrowing toys and wants more teen type stuff. OMG I am so not ready for the teen years or middle school or high school or any of it. Actually, it would be nice if he would just stop growing. Period. Done.

Completely unrealistic on my part, I know. We (as parents) spend so much time trying to get our kids to hurry up in life. I remember being so excited when my son held his own bottle but that was one less thing he needed from me. I wanted him to walk so I didn’t have carry him (and he weighed a ton) but that too was bittersweet. With each independent task they achieve, they need us less and less, but that is what we want for them. Regardless, time goes so fast.


As we embark on the birthday party, filled with numerous other kids, cousins and family, I know that I will spend the day as a lifeguard at the pool (it is a swimming party) and then also breaking up fights between my children (not other peoples’ kids, it will be my sons trying to beat each other with anything and everything they can find).

I will then wish for a glass a wine that I will not get till the following weekend and hide all the swords, nerf guns, bats, etc. in the house from my kids. To help break-up the piñata breaking, cake eating and swimming, I created a scavenger hunt which my son informed me that scavenger hunts, “are kind of kidish” like he is mature 25-year-old (going on 11). Insert parent eye roll.

He will think “kidish” after he has to search all over the country side to find the prizes (insert evil parent laugh) as I follow them on a gator. This should be the highlight of my day. Plus, I hope it wears them out (not overly hopefully here).

I do hope that my children, at some point, in their lives, realize how much work goes into putting on birthday parties. Lots of time, planning, Amazon purchasing goes on, etc. goes on about two months prior for me and then putting together treat bags or scavenger hunt prizes, food, drinks, decorations, etc. I doubt they will understand until they have kids of their own.

However, I do hope they have great memories of time well spent with family and friends. Party on parents with your party planning endeavors! Make those memories and try to keep your sanity at the same time. Can’t wait for the scavenger hunt!!!

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