Signs, Signs and More Signs!

This week’s post isn’t really a post but I want to share with you some signs and get your feedback.  I love wooden signs and purchase them all the time.  However, after some more time and research, I thought, “hey I can make these!”  And I thought I could do it cheaper than what I was paying.

Easier said then done.  After months of trying out different kinds of wood for the backing, different thicknesses and quality of wood for the frames, colors, stains, vinyl, different fonts, lettering, designs, etc.  I have decided to stop and have friends and family take a look and tell me what they think or what they would like to see.

None of these signs are perfect and all are hand made.  Which adds to their uniqueness however, I have ruined probably a dozen signs or more.  Some of these signs are for businesses while others for the home, a kids room or an office space.  I love the fact that we can customize them and are looking into colored vinyl and changing up the color of the framing, to help vary them in design.   You will notice some business ones and those are heading out east to be used in a winery.

If you have comments, feedback, etc. please feel free to share.  That will help us better meet your needs.  I see these signs (which some are 6 by 6 inches and others are 8 x 10 inches) servings gifts for family and friends.

Thank you for your time, feedback and ideas!  Have a great week! IMG_2955IMG_3399IMG_3329IMG_3394IMG_2954IMG_3317IMG_3393sign 2

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