The Rosemary and Lemons Pop-Up Shop

If you have been following the bog and my social media, you can obviously see that we are working towards something in the lines of retail. What started with a small blog has turned into a platform for sharing about projects, family, parenting, lifestyle, design, etc. and it has grown into a ritual of sorts for myself and many of others (and I thank you for your time and for reading my blog!). Some of the projects, through the blog, have lead to more opportunities.

I have always wanted to own my own store but I know that the local market is limited and plus I cannot quit my day jobs (which I like and enjoy). So, I started reading a lot of business, marketing, branding books this past year. Then, the thought of launching an Etsy store came to mind as I was seeking out lifestyle products with the Rosemary and Lemons logo. During this same time (about 6 months ago), I decided to start making wooden signs (thinking, how hard can this really be?) and also wanting to save money because I like to buy them.

Then wooden sign project enlisted the help of boyfriend Matt and Bill/Tina/Barb at Webb printing. After trying out different woods, paints, stains, vinyl’s, etc. we have a great inventory of signs that are ready to be put on sale. We have been working on the signs for months. It has been a long process but a good learning experience. I also was able to incorporate into an LLC and this provide the opportunity to manage sales tax and purchase wholesale.


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Webb Printing has been awesome at helping along the way with the printing of the vinyl and providing lots of opinions (if you know Bill, you know what I mean). Bill is allowing me to but these items in his store front to have for sale locally which saves on postage/mailing. If the items and signs go well, we will restock for the spring.

I am calling this a Pop-Up Shop. Many people have moved to this platform of retail due to the tremendous overhead cost of retail store frottage and this type of store does not require a business loan, nor a great amount of funding and other financial investment. Just a small space to “pop-up” with goods for a period of time.

Other items that will be on sale are Rosemary and Lemons coffee mugs, all sizes of wooden signs and we can take orders for signs, Pinky-up teas, travel mugs and other small boutique items that you would find at places like Anthropology and other small vintage boutiques. If there are items that people want me to look into carrying, let me know and I can see what I can do.

Can’t wait to share all of our items with you! Great gifts for many! Pop-up open date is September 4. Stop in at Webb Printing and check out our sweet wooden signs and other new/ vintage items. Thank you for your support!

One thought on “The Rosemary and Lemons Pop-Up Shop

  1. You are continually on the move and growing! such an inspiration to all!! Blessings and congratulations on this awesome endeavor!


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