The Pop-Up Store is ready to go!

September 4th, is the day. I am excited and nervous (and really, really tired). A tremendous amount of work, time, financial investment, has went into this sweet little business. Which I hope might expand to provide other items but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Webb Printing has graciously allowed me to set-up a small pop-up in the front of their store.

The wooden signs will be for sale along with some vintage goods and boutique items such as teas, travel mugs, etc. The wooden signs are all hand-made. Not one is perfect, they are all different and unique. My hope is to provide local residents with the opportunity to purchase locally made, unique gifts or home good items, that make you (and others) happy and are purposeful.


We will keep adding stock to best of our ability and will look into credit/debit pay options. Cash or check only at the moment. Webb Printing is open from 8-4 and they close from 12-1 for lunch. They will also take special orders as well with a 5-7 business day turn-around. We will be adding (later this week) kitchen towels, totes, and candles!!!

I am so excited to share these items with you! Next week, I will have more of a regular post, but I have been too consumed with the pop-up to provide a more in-depth blog post. So sorry, but if you get a chance, stop in at Webb Printing!

Thank you for your support with Rosemary and Lemons!

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