Planning Fall and Winter Projects

Fall is finally here and I hope that our 90-degree weather is gone even though this winter and spring, I will be wishing for it to return. The fall brings a lot of exciting events to local communities and families: football, soccer, and cross county start for the fall season; many kids play fall baseball and softball as well; harvest for those who farm; fall decorations for those who love to decorate. One the horizon, dare I say, is Thanksgiving and Christmas. The time goes by so fast.

The days already are getting shorter which makes it feel like time is limited. I am thinking about how much I need to save for holiday food and presents; travel for the holidays; and what my works schedule looks like for the rest of the fall (which is heavy in training and travel).

I normally make a fall/winter list of house projects that need to get accomplished. I also do this in the spring for the summer. Then I can budget, plan, research, etc. each task that needs to be done. The list for the winter already looks to include: laundry room storage and shelving and having the purchased green turf, that is laying the basement, be installed for football playing.

I also think the winter makes for a great time to sort, organize and get rid of stuff we don’t use. I try to do this to the kids’ rooms prior to the holidays, because it seems like they have so much prior and then we bring more in, and then their rooms are overflowing. I don’t organize my kids’ rooms when they are around, they want to keep everything. Even if they have not played or touched the toy in years.

Also, after moving, there are lots of objects and decorations that we have not used or will not use in this house but didn’t know it until we got moved. The thought of taking boxes of stuff out of the house makes me very happy (less is more). I usually revert back to some of my organizational books for help and ideas on how to better arrange kitchen storage and closet storage. Below are some of my favorite organizational books. Some are better than others. I like pictures, list of ideas, books organized by rooms, etc. But that is me, you might want a book that is organized in a different manner. But these are a good place to start. They also provide project ideas and resources.


If you are like me, good luck with planning out your fall/winter projects. Even if they are dreadful (like I need to clean out the attic, insert eye roll). They need done and while the weather is cold, why not use your time get your home in order. This can also be done with a class of wine, that helps with big projects (makes it more enjoyable). Happy planning and organizing!

Store update: lots of wonderful signs for the fall and amazing soy candles! These items are perfect for anyone’s home and for gifts. Stop in at Webb Printing or you can message me if you want prices, questions, custom orders, or to drop off an item to you if you work in town.


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