Who Doesn’t Love a Pretty Drink?

I love craft drinks and pretty glassware. If I had an unlimited budget, I would buy dozens of pretty, painted, breakable glasses from Anthropology or really anywhere that carries them. Then, I regret it after I end up having to hand wash them all. Those pretty, little, high-maintenance glasses inspired me years ago to find new craft drinks to make. At the holidays, I normally find and make a craft drink for my family. It has become a tradition of sorts.

So, throughout the year, as I am at restaurants or distilleries, I take note of specialty drinks, drink mixes, and craft drinks. Anything season, unusual, different, that I think my family will enjoy trying. Last year was Cranberry Rosemary Moscow Mules which were a big hit.

On a recent trip (this past summer) to Journeyman Distillery, they had just made a specialty Gin to mark the 125th anniversary of the Chicago Field Museum. It is called Field Gin and consists of 27 different historical botanicals. Talk about an explosion of flavor on your tongue!

My goal this year, is to find a usually and interesting drink to mix with this Gin for my family and friends to try. It is an experience. Like having a wonderful meal that is very flavorful, a good craft drink rounds out a meal.

I also will try to find the right glassware to use with the drinks (makes it even more of an experience). I will get at least 3 uses, if not more out the drinkware. Its normally more fun to drink wine in a wine glass, champagne in a flute glass, and Moscow mules in a copper mule cup or mug.



At my little shop, I am always trying to find gifts which include drinkware to sell which makes for great gifts. From pint beer glasses to wine cups, and vintage gimlet glasses, I have a small selection.

So, if you are looking for a fun drink to make for your friends or family or just need a good office or white elephant gift, or gifts for friends and family, stop by and check out the selection. And start a new tradition of making a new drink (which can be alcohol free as well) for the holidays. My Moscow mule recipe is below and enjoy!

You don’t need a Moscow mule drink set and can put in regular glasses. But if you want one of your own mule cups/mugs, we will be getting a limited number of marron and gold Moscow mule mugs within the next week. What you need:
• Ginger beer (1/2 cup)
• Vodka (I shot or 1 part)
• Rosemary (I sprig)
• Cranberries (6 or so)
• Cranberry juice (1/2 cup)
• Ice (whatever is needed)

Some people don’t like cranberry so, you can make without the juice. The fresh cranberries are used to float in the drink or as a garnish. You mix the beer, and one-part vodka, and then cranberry juice to taste. You garnish with a sprig of fresh rosemary and cranberries. Some people like to include a lime and/or lime juice, completely up to you. Not only is this a wonderful drink, but very pretty for the holidays.  Enjoy!

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