Setting-Up Shop on Etsy and Facebook

New Etsy Shop and Facebook Page…

Lots of changes for the holiday season. Some just needed to be made (I was dragging my feet) such as setting up an Etsy store which I have blog about in the past couple of weeks. That journey has been a lot harder and more time consuming than I expected. I also started a business Facebook page for the store to help move store items off of my personal page plus, that helps me reduce cluttering-up other people’s feeds with my store items. I am sure that some people don’t mind while others probably get annoyed with it.

The new Etsy store web address is

Very excited to have this up and going. It consists of signs and vintage book sets. A small group to start with because they take so much time to upload, describe, and post. Also, the prices are a little higher online than in the physical store due to boxes, shipping, etc. If you live local and want to buy direct, just message me and you will pay the local pricing for the item.


I am still learning about the whole selling online piece. I must really suck at search terms and product descriptions which is the only way you will get noticed online. So this merits a lot more research.

Thank you to everyone who has liked, shared, etc. the new store Facebook page! I truly appreciate your support! New store items are coming in and selling out quickly with the holidays. If you are looking for gifts, signs or custom signs, now is the time to place that order.

Next week’s blog will focus on the opening on our local historical society new museum which I was able to help with the move of the museum, researching, and designing all the exhibits. We just had our grand opening this weekend. This project has consumed me (and other volunteers) for over a year. The museum had to be physically moved to another location (which we still have more to move) and artifacts had to be cleaned, organized, pulled for exhibits, etc. Moving from one home to another is a journey but moving a museum, holy, moly. Never again. So, look next week for that post!

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