Welcome to our Mudroom Mess

When you enter our house from the garage (which is the main entry or the only entry with steps right now), you walk into a small space that is cluttered with coats, shoes, bulletin board, and mail. Not at all what I had envisioned when we built the house. This is also not the first thing I want people to see when they enter from the garage into our home.

The mudroom or entryway sits right on top of the utility room, so guess where it made the most sense to run duct work, up through the walls in this space. It was that or I had to give up space in the kitchen which I quickly vetoed. At the time, we thought we could still make this space work. However, I have been defeated.
When some people walk into their house and they are confronted by a space filled with clutter and chaos, that sets the mood or tone for the day and the space. When I walk into my home, all I is see is a pile of shoes, a million coats, and a dirty entry rug. None of this makes me feel relaxed or well organized.

But that is my fault. If you do not a have a space or home to put something, then that item can go anywhere. If it goes anywhere, you tend to start a pile. When you start a pile, it continues to grow in size with other items who do not have a home. If your pile continues to grow, you start another pile and another pile, (can you see correlation between this situation and the “If you give a mouse a cookie” story book?) The bottom line, one thing or action leads to another and another and so on. I am determined to fix our mudroom entryway.

With it being a narrow space and also a hallway into a bathroom and we have limited wall space due to a window, trying to figure out how to better utilize and unclutter this space has been a challenge. A lot of searching on Pinterest has lead us to a design for a built-in that we have been working on for a few weeks. It was narrow, consisted of floor to ceiling storage and small bench space.

Below are some before pictures. You will see how narrow and poorly organized the space is however, I think with some hard work and determination, any space can serve a suppose. You just have to be willing to research, think out-of-the-box, and be creative. All spaces can be functional. If you can’t figure out, ask a friend to come over and take a look at the space. Different people see different things. I get asked to look at spaces all the time. You can also use the space PDF that is attached to rethink your space.

Love your Space And When to Change It


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In the next couple of weeks, I will give you an update on the space and the final product. The organizer has been built, painted and is awaiting one more coat of paint. Then it needs shiplap and farmhouse hooks and we will be ready to rock our entry space. I will keep you posted!

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Thank you!

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