Peace and Comfort

Peace and comfort are two very powerful words and they are healing words meant to provide a sense of calming, contentment and hope.

This past of year, and especially the last 6 months, has been a challenge for many families and communities. There seems to be an increased amount of sadness and frustration. I would argue that there are numerous reasons for these feelings and everyone feels and expresses pain, frustration, sadness, grief, etc. differently. My wish for you, my friend, for the holidays and 2019 and beyond, is a calming sense of peace and comfort.

I find myself reading the news each morning (which is not a place to look for peace or comfort on any news source) and my heart hurts for those in war, poverty, abuse, neglect, etc. I also find that the increase in hate crimes and the inability for our county (as a whole) to pull together and just be kind to each other (at all levels) seems to be challenge. I don’t care if you are a democrat or a republican (this is not a political post), just treat all human beings with a little respect and kindness. We seem very divided as a society and cannot seem to get on the same page. I think that many of us are seeking wholeness or calmness.

We constantly want our children to be kind, not to bully, to be supportive, etc., we should expect and model that as adults. Where do children learn their behaviors, from us, their parents. Learning to also talk, share and learn from other perspectives and to respect other perspectives is a dying skill. The whole idea that we can agree to disagree and still be friends seems to be almost non-existent. But in times of trial, we show what we are really made of which is support, kindness, and love. We find our best selves.

Our little community has suffered losses over the past 3 months which have helped to pull us together. In the depths of pain and sorrow, true caring, compassion, and love can be found. Even on the darkest days. Even those who struggle with sadness each day, for numerous reasons, that we cannot understand and should not judge, my wish for you is peace is comfort.

I am hoping that the holidays bring you all a sense of gratitude and love. Holidays are about friends and families, sharing good food and conversation, spending time together, and showing love. My hope is that you hold this special time in your heart and that you cherish these memories. In the words of The Muffet Christmas Carol (we watch lots of holiday movies) “I will hold you close with a grateful heart.”

My friends, happy holidays. I hope that peace and comfort surround you as you spend time with family and friends. That you find your best self in the midst of challenges, joys and sorrows. And that that peace and comfort follows you into and throughout all of 2019 and beyond.

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