Mudroom Mess take II

This is a follow-up from a prior post called Welcome to our Mudroom Mess which focused on our lack of space and organization when you enter our home from the garage. It was a space that is heavily used, tons of traffic, piles of coats, bags, shoes, etc. all ended up in this space. On top of that, we had no space for built-ins due to the utility room being right below this space and we lost space in running duct work (which is very important, I just hated to lose the space).

Photos before:

Some of our prior photos show a space that is consumed with coats, hats, and shoes. We don’t have steps into our home for our front door, so everyone enters through the side entry/mudroom space. I hated that the first thing you encountered when entered our home was a chaos of coats and shoes. I had nowhere to hide them and I would run them up and down to different bedrooms trying to free up space.

After many Pinterest searches for narrow/small/organizers/mudroom/small entryways, we found a narrow space organize that we thought would work. It would, however, take some space from our bathroom entry but we have another full bathroom on the same floor. It was built, painted and then we realized it was too big/tall to put in as a whole. So, the top had to be taken off and then once it was all inside and in place, it would be reattached.

Photos during the building:


It was then mounted to the wall and numerous storage boxes, boxes, bins are being purchased. With the organizer being so narrow (12 inches) it has been challenging to find bins that fit this space but we will get there. I carry a tape measure with me at all times now.

Photos of project completed:

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This project was fairly easy, took a couple hours, and looks great. The total spent was around $125 (we had the shiplap already). I think it goes to show that no matter the space, you can make something work, just don’t give up on the space. Make it functional for you and your family.

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