New Year, New Goals…and they are about me!

If one my goals was to be more timely with my blog post, I would have already failed. This post should have been done the first week of January but due to the craziness of the holidays, I struggled to sit down and make time to write out some meaningful New Year’s goals. So, here I am, on January 27th, writing out my goals. Better late than never.

Goals are not goals until you write them down. If they are written down, then you can assign action steps which equal making your goals a reality. Isn’t that the goal, after all? To think, write out, plan out, map out, and commit to making it happen! Goals can also be altered, they can change, etc. Life is about change.

I think that many people get hung on actually writing them down because it is on paper, you can see it every day or read it, therefore if you don’t follow through, you feel bad but there is factor of accountability. Some people write out goals and tape them to mirror, you should try to look at them every day. Keep them front and center. Also, you are worth the time and dedication to the goals! As people, we find ourselves putting everyone else’s needs/wants ahead of ourselves. Committing to a goal, is something you can and should do for yourself!

You don’t need a list of 10 monstrous goals that are impossible, huge, immense; however, your goals should somewhat challenge you, inspire you, push you forward in a direction whether it be with hobbies, work, family, health, etc. Make those goals manageable and realistic!

So, what is your goals for this next year? What are you willing to commit too?
Here are my goals for 2019:

• Read at least 1 book a month and keep track of titles (I started a Word document and I am listing each book I complete). Keep a list of books that I want to read.

• Expand the store (Rosemary and Lemons): be brave and add more products such as clothing and additional gift items. Learn how to do more on my own with it. Grow the store, grow the brand. Work on creating a store front. Research an online store/website.

• Write (or finish my book): I am writing a book about home space and design. I love working on it, I just don’t make time to write content very often. Make it a priority to write or edit a page a week. By end of the year, have it edited and in professional layout (2020, publish as an e-book).

• Expand contractual work: pick up more grant writing related projects and work from local businesses and organizations. Market my skills better, market myself better. Make my own opportunities.

Also note that these goals are about ME. Crazy, right! Not about my kids, not about my family life, not about my health, etc. Goals  about your health or family might be focus and that is great!  But for me, I feel as if I have written a million New Years goals over the past 10 years and they don’t focus on my work, passion, nor do they inspire me, push me forward, etc.  They are just there: manage my weight or lose 5 pounds; be a better parent; etc.  I wanted goals that really will force me to be brave and be challenged.

My kids are well loved, engaged, active, etc. My family is good and my health is always a work on progress with continual management and workouts. I will keep up my work with my family and health but my goals are about me and my work. These are goals that I have complete control over. They are MINE.

My motto for the year: Put yourself out there, be brave, be bold. You don’t know unless you try. You can’t be told no, if you don’t ask. ASK AWAY and wait for a yes or a no. Or make your opportunity.

You can shoot for the moon with your goals but if you miss, that is ok, you will land among the stars.

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