Shop Update

Good morning and so happy to see the sunshine and have warmer temperatures! I don’t have a regular post today but wanted to share with you a quick update on the online and pop-up shop.

Back in November, I started an Etsy shop for the Rosemary and Lemons (store name). Etsy is a great place to find unique and handmade gifts. But everything has to be handmade.

So, anything that is not handmade, cannot be sold from that platform or site. However, I found that they have a “sister” site called Pattern. Which you can sell all goods from and operate a seller platform for both (handmade and non-handmade goods). Pattern has been a great site and easy to learn. I am still adding to it each day.

Lots of great Valentines gifts right now but also gifts for weddings, friends, birthdays, etc. Some are handmade while others are wholesale purchased. But you either order online or stop in at Webb Printing in Winamac, IN to purchase items.

We are looking into some clothing as well. More exciting ideas and changes to come this year!

Feel free to check out the Rosemary and Lemons Shop, the Etsy shop or Pattern Shop. Next week, I promise a more exciting post! Have a great week!

Rosemary and Lemons-02

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