Valentine’s Day and Showing Love

Valentine’s Day is approaching and we are in the midst of Valentine Box building (engineering) for school and writing out valentines for each kid in each of their classes. I can’t find the individual candies for one child which are their favorite and I feel guilty sending candy to school (period). I know that the teachers and some parents don’t appreciate the overabundance in sugar that day. I completely get it. But I do love Valentine’s Day aside from building Valentines boxes and shopping for cards.

I hate buying cards. I mean HATE it. I struggle to find ones that truly express how I feel and then when I do, they are $6 which I refuse to pay. You can’t hardly find a card for under $3.99 today. Some people have a talent or skill that provides for them to find, within seconds the perfect card. I am not one of those people. My grandmother finds the best cards. Always very thoughtful and if the card doesn’t say exactly what she wants, she edits them. But it is the time, thoughtfulness, sent with care, etc. that means a lot to me.

Showing people love, encouragement and care should happen each day, not only on Valentine’s Day. We shouldn’t need a day to show love and appreciation for others.

I think that the meaning of Valentine’s Day gets lost. You don’t have to have a partner, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. to celebrate the day. Showing appreciation and love for those who are around you (which you should each day) is what is important. Giving your mom an extra hug, handing an uncle a Valentine or leaving a bag of healthy snacks for co-worker who tends to eat nothing but moon pies for dinner each night. Just do something nice, for someone else.

Showing others, that they matter, that you value and appreciate them, that someone is thinking about them and supports them in their work. That is what Valentine’s Day means to me. I hope that I can instill that into my children. That it is a day, to show others that they are special to you. But that we should carry that same attitude of kindness, appreciation and love all year round and to all people. Not just to those we know or that are part of our family, but to all. Smile at stranger; drop off some cookies at a nursing home, put a Valentine on each of your co-worker’s desk, etc. Make someone smile.

Our world, society and community would be so different if we all just showed love, care and appreciation to others each day. Happy Valentine’s Day and may you celebrate the day with love and appreciation for others.


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