Swimsuit Season…

I know that it is only February but my Facebook feed is filled with swimsuit ads and there are suits out at Target. Why does it seem that the swimsuits get brought out earlier and earlier each year or is it just me? Maybe, by February, I am still trying to work through my New Year’s goals of weight loss and feeling good about myself? That summer, swimsuits, don’t come into play till like June. Apparently, I am wrong on all fronts here.

I hate shopping for a swimsuit and with age, I have found myself more and more worked up over it. I completely respect anyone who can rock a swimsuit and they look effortless, confident, etc. You go girl! I am just not that person. I spend 6 days a week at a gym just to maintain my weight and still struggle with self-confidence and body image.

I am stating the following to prove a point which only adds to my lack of self-confidence. I am a size 2, I weigh between 120 and 124 pounds (depending on the time of the month) and I find myself, every year, and for the past 10 years, having to purchase at least a medium and sometimes large swimsuit. This just ticks me off.

Point in case, I was at Target last week and decided to swing through the swimsuit section. Maybe I had a laps in judgment but at the time, I had time to look at suits. I held up about 15 different suits, each one so tiny in size, fabric, etc. I wanted to puke. I thought to myself “am I getting bigger or are suits shrinking in front of my very eyes?” 90% of the suits would not have remotely covered by chest or backside.

After 20 minutes in the swimsuit section, I decide to head to the liquor isle.

Is it really too much to ask swimsuit makers, designers, etc. to make suits that:

A. Cover my chest and butt (both cheeks preferably)
B. That I can run and chase children in without tugging and pulling on my suit
C. That I feel halfway good in, that I actually like to wear it
D. That is comfortable

I truly don’t feel as if I am asking for the moon but I would like something that is still somewhat fashionable and covers not one but both butt checks (for the sake of my children and others who don’t need to see my butt cheeks!!!!) I assume I am not the only one in my self-image complex with swimsuits. I am hoping my June, to have located a suit that I can wear, run in, actually swim in, and stays in place. Wish me luck.

I wish you luck if you are in the same boat as me. If not, more power to you! But if you, please note, that there are good swimsuits out there, looking for good homes, you just have to find them. They probably will cost you an arm and a leg, but if you feel good in it, and it fits you well, go for it!! If not, you can join my club in the liquor isle.

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