Please Let Spring Come Soon

I do love the winter, and I do love snow. But after about mid-January, it can go away. I think this winter and with all the challenging weather, it has really worn on people. I dread the 5 am call or School Facebook message about 2-hour delays (which those are not too bad but it does throw-off work for many) but then I about hold my breath for another call by 8 am canceling school. Then my kinds are bouncing off the walls, I am sinking in work and trying to figure how to get them to places, to be watched so I can be at work, to lead meeting, report paperwork, etc. Stuff that has to get done.

Oh, winter, you need to go away. But one thing that I like to do, if time prevails, is I start digging out my spring time décor. The logic here is that if I put out some greenery, flowers, colorful books and few mercy eggs, that it will magically make it feel like spring is coming. It works until it snows again.

But I am going to do it anyway. I like changing of the décor and I am tired of white. I want some color. I want greens, pastel pinks and purple, and pops of color to help cheer up the winter colors (and to kiss winter goodbye).

Here are some very easy things you can do to cheer on spring, in your home:

Replace books or add colored books such as green, light pinks, blues, yellow, etc. Red books are great for the summer with blue books for the 4th of July. I do have some pastel or lighter colored books by color at the store and online.


Bring out a branches of something that is flowering or green. I’m not a big silk floral buyer and hate to spend the money on good quality silk flowers, but I do love these lemons (which are more summer, but I am desperate for spring). Flowering cherry blossoms, tulips, lavender, each, can really add to space and brighten it up.


New signs, colorful signs, quotes that inspire or set the mood for the next couple of weeks or month. Hang above a doorway, sit on a window ledge or on the counter. Get a sign that brings you joy.


Spring candles that are more fresh or floral in smell. I love anything evergreen in smell, so I love the evergreen and Christmas birch candles that I sell at the store but they are great from Nov.- Feb. After that, I want lavender, tea/berry, honeysuckle, or clean cotton smells. Which I some of thee in large and small candles at the store.


We will hope that spring is on its way or that we stop getting snow and ice. I would love for a 40-degree day with sunshine. Maybe even 50 degrees! But until then, I will hope to usher in spring in my home. Here is to warmer temperatures and no more school delays!

Check out Rosemary and Lemons at Webb Printing in Winamac, IN, open M-F 8-5 EST and closed at lunch.  Also you can check out our Esty and Pattern sites.



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