The Coolest Color Website

I found the coolest color website and you need to know about it! I am taking an online data visualization class and our last class topic focused on color. We were being instructed on how to create RBG color codes that match logos or to make new, more creative color palettes for our charts/graphs.

As most of you know, I love painting, updating my home, helping others choose colors, textures, etc. for their homes. Spring is a great time to make changes, updates, lighten up the colors and textures in your home as well! As we were learning about colors for charts and graphs, we were encouraged to check out a website called Design Seeds ( OMG, a game changer!

If you are seeking out color palettes or can’t really find that right shade of blue, grey or blue, this website is amazing and can help you. Their color palettes are based on photos and prints and they create beautiful color palettes that you can use on your documents, in your home, or business, etc. If anything, it will give you inspiration for your work and home projects!

wander tones

These color palettes are organized by seasons. You can check them all out. But if you are serious about color in your home (inside or out), you will need to figure out if you and your home tend to gravitate towards warmer or cooler colors. I tend to go towards light colors, pastels, mint green, pale pink, light grey, etc. I like spring colors. Summer colors are bright, vibrant colors like orange, bright pink, aqua, etc. If you like more caramel, mustard yellows, rust, mauve, warm colors, fall related colors then you might start with the autumn color palettes. If you like really dark and deep colors like maroon, navy, deep green, etc. Rich, bold colors, you might look at the winter palette but I would encourage you to explore them all!!

Also, if you find it challenging to find or pick out additional colors that complement each other in a space (paint for a wall, color of trim and color for a door for example), these pretty palettes will help you with selecting a range of complimentary colors.
So, if you are looking for some color inspiration or if you just love walking through the paint sample isle at the hardware store, this the site for you. Also, I provide interior design services as well. So if you just need another set of eyes or someone to show-up with a collection of paint samples to hold up to the wall, brink or trim and provide feedback, ideas, suggestions, just let me know!

Below is a like to prior blog about color as well!  And if you need help with color or home design (inside or out), just let me know.

Paint me a Rainbow blog post

I hope this site becomes one of your favorite, go-to sites for color. Check it out!


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