The Great Lego Purge

Hold my beer… or I should say, my glass of wine… because we took the plunge and purged the Legos. You know, it was not too painful. I did almost have a panic attack after I dumped out thousands and thousands of miss-matching Legos on the floor of my son’s room. I think my son did too but it was short lived. He thought I was crazy but we had to get everything, all the pieces, out in the open to see what we had.
We sorted by colors, figures, etc. and then finally, I decided to let him just pick what he wanted to keep. He builds with them once, only will build with instructions, and then he plays with them. No matter how many Lego books, building activities, etc. I get, he will not free build or rebuild. We were swimming in Legos.

Some had to go.
So he sorted them into keep piles and then what he didn’t want or doesn’t play with, he would put in a plastic tubs and I encouraged him more but providing him with the opportunity to make some money by selling them online. Money talks, even to an 8-year-old.

We also sorted out some gallon Ziplocs bags and included a bunch of figures to donate to the public library Lego program. My son even got to deliver the donation as well.
So, now, we no longer have Legos in 6 tubs and boxes showed in a closet, nor spread-out, half broke, on the top of the dresser, nor are there dozens of Lego instructions books everywhere in his room, those have been thrown out or retained in a binder (we do keep a Lego binder for sets he really likes which would be all train related sets).

With all purging of clothing, toys, books, décor, dishes, etc. whatever it is, you always start with pulling it all out. Every last toy, every last book, every last piece of clothing, because that makes you realize how much you really have, which for most of us, is too much! Don’t be afraid to dump out that Lego tub, or pull out the 40 pairs of shoes, or 7 piles of books under the bed, confront that mess, own up to it, sort it, purge it and move on.

I know this is scary for many but I promise you, even though I dreaded dumping the Legos, I knew it had to be done. It was part of the purging process and that is where it all starts. Take the plunge and purge those Legos! (or shoes, books, etc.) Then enjoy a glass of wine because you will have earned it!

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