Summer Projects

Each spring/summer, I make a list of goals and projects for the summer. Some of these goals are professional related like, edit book chapters; write curriculum for 3 college classes, organize a filing system for my home office, read 10 books, write a grant for programming, etc.

Other goals include health related goals such as run 2 5Ks this summer and not die. Or goals such as family trips/vacations. Packing, organizing, traveling, surviving summer trips and vacations should be goal! They take a lot of time, energy, sanity and planning. Having a good time, making memories, and making it back home with your family in-tac, is a huge accomplishment. All that to your goal list!

We normally make some house related goals and projects. Even with a new home, there is always something to be done. Some goals/projects for this summer include;

• Working on our laundry room, by adding shelving, adding cleaning storage, and more hanging space.

• Cleaning and organizing the storage room/attic. Get more shelving for the storage room.

• Grass, we lack grass in our yard but have been working on getting grass established to reduce soil erosion and for sand to stop blowing (into the window seals, in every window).

• Need to get front steps poured and a patio for entertaining, or a place just to sit and relax.

We had some temporary steps in place in the front of the house, by the barn doors but we needed poured, large steps that would match the width of the barn doors. Also, the steps would make the front of the house look more finished or complete. And we wanted to use the front door.

Backyard is half sand and half grass.  But we wanted to be able to use the yard more and have sliding back doors that can lead out to space for a patio.   Currently, we have no where you could sit outside or grill out, beside that of that garage or driveway.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Take a look at the before and after photos and still a work in progress. We need to add landscaping but that might not happen to later this summer or next summer. Regardless, we love the new patio and the front steps and will get a lot of use out of them. They also help the house look more complete. Now, we just need patio furniture.
On to the next summer house project/goal…

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