Happy Father’s Day

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day. A day where we celebrate those who have loved, supported, encouraged us, in our daily and lifetime journeys. Many men, step into this role, and are not biological fathers but still help to guide and raise children who are not theirs; for the men who help kids and teens with sports and 4-H projects; for the men who devote their time to helping Club Scouts and countless other kids organizations; for those who step-up when they don’t need too or half too. Thank you.

For Mother’s Day, I wrote this post and did not post it. Mother’s Day (much like that of Father’s Day), I believe, is a day to celebrate anyone who provides you with love, support, encouragement, care, kindness, who teachers you, etc. Anyone who loves you. Your rock, your cheerleaders, your teacher, your foundation and refuge.

When I think about what skills, abilities, character traits that I have developed as mother, I think about what I have learned from my own mother. Which is more skill based but my mom takes great pride in her home and keeping her home organized and well cared for.

Case in point, my mom shopvacs the pool patio. I am dead serious. The cement around the pool, gets vacuumed. The little cracks get vacuumed. It is spotless.

If you are like me, I personally won’t even sweep it with a broom unless I had too but my mom gets down on her hands and knees to cleans out the leaves, dirt out of the cracks. Somewhat therapeutic for her, but if she does this with the outside of her, think about the inside!

As I was mopping my whole first floor of my house, on my hands and knees, and thinking “why do I do this?” I thought of my mom and her ability and pride in her home and yard, and thought, “I get this from my mom”. What I get is that I want my house to be clean, organized, and functional, but also, I want to take pride in my home. Her pride in her home, and ability to care for it, that is what I have learned from her.

Honestly, she learned these skills, abilities from her father. Her dad found contentment in a clean and orderly home. Maybe from his military experiences, but he liked everything in its place; he liked a clean home; he washed all the dishes and put them away; he kept his yard well mowed, etc. He took great pride in his home and yard. He would follow us around (as kids) with a dust-buster to catch any and all crumbs (literally).

When I see my mom cleaning the pool pavement, I think of my grandfather and his love of cleaning and order. He instilled that skill in her and she passed it down to me. Now, with that being said, I am going to shopvac my patio but I will work hard to keep my spotless.

I made my mom a shadow box with her father’s military history and photos from his time in service for Mother’s Day.

To all of those moms and dads and those who have served as moms and dads, I wish you a very restful day filled with love and appreciation. Appreciation for the abilities, task, and skills you have passed on to others (often unknowingly). Have a wonderful day!

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