Happy Fair Week!

Well, it is pre-fair week and Fair starts on Saturday. Hold on to your hats, because the Fair is almost here which will consist of high heat and rain (as always), tired kids and parents, kids then with attitudes (includes the eye-roll), kids gorging themselves on deep fried food (and throwing up) and tons of fun memories to be made! Start mentally preparing, now.

The fair came super quick this year. I feel like I am running about 2 weeks behind in life. If it was not for our babysitter reminding my son, he would not have got his project completed. I thought I had another week!!

Thank God for Amazon Prime and overnight shipping! I was able to overnight sand for a farm toy scene which we finished in the back of my SUV. I am that parent… I am normally so OCD and organized it isn’t even funny. But the fair, I can’t believe it is almost July! Where is the summer going!!!!


This is a short post due to the craziness of June and the fair being almost here, but I wish all my fellow fair and 4-H parents, families, and friends who love and support these kids and with their projects, the best of luck!! May your drinks be strong, may your naps be long (in lawn chair next to a pig pen) and your child be appreciative!

Happy Fair Week!!

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