Returning to the Blog


It has been too long and for that I am sorry!  This past year/year and half has brought for my family and I new adventures, challenges, and many changes.  Some good and some bad.  My little company, NLD Contractual Services LLC, also picked up speed this past year and I felt pretty burnt out.  So, my blogging stopped, the writing stopped, and life marched on full-speed ahead.

Now, today July 5, 2020, and over the past few weeks, I have found myself missing the Blog and all of you!  Blogging helped me to think, create and connect to so many people.  So, to my faithful supporters, followers, working parents, friends, etc., I have decided to commit myself to writing again and sharing about our life.  Between COVID-19, working from home, e-learning, growing a businesses, parenting, COVID baseball and 4-H, etc. and the uncertainty of what the fall will bring, there is a lot to talk about!

I will hope you will rejoin me and follow Rosemary and Lemons on WordPress!  I am also hoping to bring back the Rosemary and Lemons Instagram account as well.  Hope to see you every Sunday!

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