Fears for the Fall: e-Learning

I love to learn and I love to teach college.  What I do not love, is 3rd grade math via eLearning.  I have a PhD, a professional career, and feel like I am a fairly intelligent person however, I cannot not teach math at ANY grade level.  Nor should I be, period.  I know my weaknesses when I see them.

This past spring, when COVID-19 shut down schools, I think that we were all in shock.  Shocked at this pandemic, shocked at the spread and quickness that schools, businesses, etc. closed, some where fearful and still are, and the worst part is that we thought or hoped it would get better over the summer, and it is not.  With those thoughts in mind, I am trying to mentally prepare myself for fall and winter eLearning.

This is not a parent “whine” blog post but I don’t know that many understand how hard it is for a full-time working parent, with children (some are small children), to work, e-learn, care for a home, make food, and handle all other parent/family responsibilities.  I know that schools/teachers have a horribly challenging job as well in preparing in every which way for the unknown but parents are right there with you (with a glass a wine).

What has eLearning taught me:

  • That I cannot do math, already established this. I can get the answer but cannot work through the 7 step process that includes 7 more answers.
  • Death to drop down boxes! You think you are helping child answer a one or two part question and surprise! It has 6 needed answers for 1 question.  So, your 10 question quiz has become a 30 question quiz which is realistic for a 9 year old to take (not).
  • How much Wi-Fi does one family need? How about A LOT.  When kids are on devices and I am in Zoom meetings, or using data systems to work, who will be the first to be dropped?  It normally is me.
  • I need to hire a sitter/nanny/tutor. This would help with supervision so I can work and eLearning is still moving on.  This is wishful thinking but a lovely thought.
  • 20 minute activities are never 20 minutes.
  • Google docs are great, I have learned a great deal about this platform but I operate in Microsoft which creates some challenges. The main one is that I have to open 8 different screens in Google docs and then figure where I am at with my son, and how to get back out. I counted 12 open screens at one point while trying to do eLearning.  It is like getting lost in room full of mirrors.

Yes, I am sending my kids to school this fall.  They need some form of normal right now, even with lots of social distancing.  We will take the precautions and await school closers.  Mentally preparing for e-learning.  The winter might be long.  Stock-up on wine, sanity and math skills.


One thought on “Fears for the Fall: e-Learning

  1. You’ve hit this giant nail, right on the head! Hopefully everyone will do their part and schools can stay open. The ever evolving ‘new normal’, is keeping everyone on the move! As far as math goes, it truly does suck! Right there with you, with Moscato! 😜

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