Flipping Rooms

I love watching flipping houses shows which are super popular.  I find it inspiring, get new ideas, and love to see new home trends.  They make it look very easy, with a few hiccups along the way and the house is always sold for a profit!  In a small, rural community, with a more limited housing market, flipping houses can be a lot more challenging.

So, what I end up doing, is flipping rooms.  Most recent flip was the guest bedroom in the walk-out basement, is now our son’s bedroom.  Changing or flipping a bedroom or any room in a house, is much easier, cheaper and takes a lot less time.

Our son turned 13 this past week and has been wanting to move to the basement bedroom.  In the walk out basement, there are two bedrooms, one full-bath, laundry, utility room and large, open play room which is half turf for basketball and sports, and the rest of the room consist of a mini refrigerator, couch, a big TV and an Xbox.  So why would any boy want to leave this area?

One basement bedroom is my office/workout room.   Which leaves our guest bedroom which does get used often.  But we had the space to move the guest room to the 2nd floor which is where his bedroom is now and still have a guest room for visitors.

So, after more thought, we decided to surprise our son today when he comes home, to a new bedroom (he has no idea).  All it took was A LOT of moving of his stuff, some paint, time and hanging clothes rolling rack.

What challenged us with this flip is there is no closet in this room. We ordered a chrome hanging clothes rack with storage on the top and bottom.  I just don’t want it to look cluttered.  We had a dresser and queen-sized bed in this room already.  No moving of big furniture minus a shelf.  We decided to paint one wall, a focal wall, with a deep navy to give the room some color.

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We stained two pine sticks and put them at the top of the navy wall.  Pine is a soft wood, so we can push-pin in flags, pennants, etc.  They can be changed, updated, etc. at any time.

The total cost of this flip was $70.  That included the paint, paint brush/roller, clothing rack, $6 for the pine sticks, and we had wood stain for them.  So, a cheap, weekend project.

I think that Kale will be surprised and very excited to see his new room.  Again, it is a surprise, he will see it today and we are super excited.  It is a more “teen like” room.  I am still in shock at being a parent of a teenager.  Time flies so fast!

Hoping he will emerge from the basement a few times a day.  He does have to come up for food.  Besides that, he will live in his basement “man cave”.

We have been working on another room flip and will share in the upcoming weeks!

Since I can’t flip house, flipping rooms will have to due until I run out of rooms.

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