New Room Flip: The Nursery

As many of you know, we are expecting a baby this winter.  And recently found out that it is a girl!  I think I am still in shock over the fact that it is girl.  I have bought boy clothing and toys for 13 years and for the first ½ of the ultrasound, the tech thought it was a boy.  Then after more looking, dozens of photos, he was certain that it was girl.  Talk about a range of emotions!

Making room for a girl has been fun and we are fortunate that we have a house that provides numerous bedrooms and space to organize a nursery.  I had an office upstairs in the house and it was decided to combine the office and a workout room in the basement.  We have workout equipment throughout the basement but “my” equipment is in  one room which we then put in a desk, bookshelf, filing cabinets and made this space into my at home office which I use every day, 7 days a week. I also workout 7 days a week and I like that I have my own space for this as well. My old office has become the nursey. 

A few challenges and ideas along the way:

The office room had no closet which we need one for the baby.  So, in the future, we will have one built but for right now, we purchased a bureau from Ikea and that will work to hang clothes.  Side note: we HATE putting furniture together.  I would rather eat my left arm.

White walls: we decided to paint one wall a light mossy, green and that same green was used on a vintage dresser we bought at an antique store so the room would have some color.  I am a fan of accent walls which are one focal wall that consists of color or texture.

We started with one piece of décor: we purchased this wooden sign months ago.  We loved the quote and even though we were not expecting when we purchased it, we felt in our hearts, it would come.  And it did.  This sign has been our inspiration and focal point for the nursery.   

Decorating with books: we are still working on décor, curtains, lighting, etc. but we love books and love using old and new books to decorate.   These skinny shelves are cheap and easy to put up (from Ikea) and you can put books, dishes, photos, etc. on them.

Something old: my grandmother gave me this outfit that belonged to my dad as a baby.  His grandfather had bought it for him.  The boots and the little western metal gun are too cute not to put in a shadow box and hang in the nursery.


It has been a fun project and exciting to get the room ready and get ready to welcome the baby around the holidays.  I just need to get moving on purchasing pink clothing! 

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