Holiday Trees and Greens

It’s never too soon…

I LOVE seeing Christmas decorations coming up early this year and please don’t judge me.  This past year has challenged many families and individuals when it comes to grief, stress, anxiety, etc.  If putting your tree up early makes you happy, go for it! If waiting till after Thanksgiving to decorate, more power to you!  But be kind and don’t judge others who are pulling out their trees today and boxing up their Halloween décor. 

With being pregnant and being sick most of the time, decorating for the holidays will take me three weeks.  I move at the speed of a turtle right now which drives me crazy.  So, decorating will be done in phases to save my time, sanity, and health. 

But I am opting for simple holiday décor, more white and gold (that can stay up longer after the holidays) and hoping for a more simple, joyful, peaceful and restful holiday season that doesn’t require tons of work, stress, and planning.  I know I am shooting for the stars here, but the baby comes right after the holidays and that thought alone stresses me out. 

One easy winter décor project we did was change-up the entry way.  I would normally fill this oversized cabinet top with all sorts of décor that I would have to dust around.  So, after a lot of looking on Pinterest, I settled on cedar and pine garland, gold magnolia leaves, small white lights, gold candle holders, white tapers and pillar candles and a new round, gold mirror.  Mirrors are great because they help make spaces feel bigger.  The entry looks modern, simple, and elegant. (See before and after photos below).


So, to those out there putting up the trees and greens, you are my people.  It is amazing what soft Christmas lights, holiday décor, and greenery do to liven up people’s spirits.  To those who are waiting to put up their trees, good for you!  You do your thing after the Thanksgiving holiday.  After all, I am very thankful for my holiday décor and Christmas tree. 

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