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This past year has been a crazy, fun, challenging, year for us.  As we prepared for a baby, and I was very sick during most of the pregnancy, on top of working numerous contracts, taking care of my family, etc. the little store that I had started in 2018, went to the wayside.  There just wasn’t enough time or hours in the day.

I really debated whether to keep it going or to sell everything out, wait a year or two and try it again. Rosemary and Lemons started as a blog in 2017 and then developed into a small gift boutique shop that focused on wooden sign, gifts, books, shirts, candles, etc.  I wanted to provide people in our community a place they could purchase gifts and items for their homes that made them happy, that brought joy.  And they didn’t have to travel 50 miles to go shopping or get something unique.  These were all items that I loved and hoped that others would love too.

At the end of 2020, I knew I needed to make a decision; keep it going or shut it down.  The store, in all honesty, doesn’t make me very money but it is fun to run.  After lots of thought, research and visiting other stores that carry similar items and provide inspiration for what this could be, we decided to keep it going and reinvent it.

I posted numerous inquires on Facebook on our Rosemary and Lemon’s page asking people for their feedback on items they would purchase, want or like at the store.  I did do a survey a few years ago but got back limited feedback, where else this recent post did generate more information.  People told me online and in person, they wanted good candles, boutique jewelry, bath or spa items, etc.  So, I have been slowly restocking the store with new items.  Right now, new shirts, earrings, and candles, and other gifts dot the tables and shelves at Webb Printing. 

The wooden signs: currently we are trying to sell out what we have made (they are all 50% off) and we are going to start making them again but we are trying some new paints, wood, and designs.  I want to increase the quality of the signs and work on a better production system to make them. 

Check out the store online (Facebook page) or in person at Webb Printing in Winamac.  I hope to keep expanding the items in the store and if you have ideas, suggestions, feedback, feel free to comment below! I also appreciate the local support for the store and those who have been consistent customers over the years.   I truly appreciate you!

So here is to the future of Rosemary and Lemons and helping build back up the store!

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