Are you Creative?

I remember as a child, thinking or knowing that I was not creative. I wasn’t artistically talented, nor was I overly talented in music, dance, or theater; I am not a creative writer; I cannot draw; nor come up with exciting ideas, solutions, or concepts. No, I defined myself for most of my life as a non-creative individual. So much, that in college, I thought about majoring in advertising but talked myself out if it because I told myself “I am not creative enough.”

Recently, I was listening to a podcast with Liz Gilbert and Brene Brown and they were talking about creativity.  If you have not read their books, any of them, you are missing out.  Both are amazing writers, authors, and creators.  As they talked about creativity, I thought to myself, “Here we go again, I am not creative, I am about as boring as it gets.” 

What I had not thought about or considered is that I create ideas, programs, blog postings, course material, etc. all the time.  Gilbert and Brown both pointed out that being creative is the act of creating and we ALL create something!  A light bulb came on as they continually talked about the value of creating a well lived life; creating a time for self-love; creating a space for people to talk and share ideas; etc.  But also helping others with what we create.  It is what we give to others, what we give to our families and communities. When we create, we are sharing with others our best self, our skills, talents and abilities. 

My mind started running with all the documents, programs, course lectures, syllabuses, policy and procedure manuals, blog post, etc. I have created. These projects impact 100’s of other people from those who go through the programs, to those I teach in class, to those who read my blogs.  I created a 200-page dissertation for my PhD!  Why was I not giving myself some credit for being creative?    As a society, we feel that being creative is only valued in the humanities or arts.  But creativity is everywhere, and it takes ideas, solutions, innovation, resourcefulness, research, etc. to create even the most boring of documents (like a policy and procedure manual) but it still takes creativity.  I hang my hat there.

So, to all of you out there, creating a business, creating a loving home, creating a new logo, creating a scrapbook, quilt, or meal, you are a creative human being!   Also, if what you creates helps others, gives to others, and shows love/kindness to others, keep on creating!  I don’t think that we realize how much our creativity impacts others.  I have created almost 100 blog post!  They are all original and hopefully some are inspiring.    When I started on this venture, in 2017, I had no idea that I could keep it going, keep on writing and creating, but I have, and it is because people like you, who read my blogs. 

If you learned anything from this blog post today, I hope you walk away thinking about everything that you create and give yourself some create.  That by just being present, you are creating space, so what does that space look like?  Keep on growing, making,  and creating!

Then go read a Liz Gilbert or Brene Brown book!   

One thought on “Are you Creative?

  1. I’ve always thought of you as very creative my friend!!
    Your points are heart felt and so true!
    Look at all you have done, raising your boys and now a new adventure, with a great husband and a beautiful baby daughter!
    You support others more than you know!


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