Trip out East

Traveling with an Infant…

Traveling with an infant is not for the faint of heart or for those who need lots of sleep.  But regardless, who is getting any sleep with an infant anyway😊 We made a trip out east to Pennsylvania to visit some family and do some sightseeing to some of our favorite spots with the baby.  She slept ok, travelled very well, and did awesome at the museums, gardens, etc.  She was a trooper. 

However, what you forget is all the stuff you need to pack and there is no traveling lightly with kids or a baby.  Between two strollers, pack-and-play, suitcase, bottles, formula, diapers (lots and lots of diapers), blankets, bedding, baby monitor, sound machine, etc.…. I could keep going but you get the picture.  It may have taken more work to pack and load the SUV then the actual drive. 

When we did stop to get food, gas, or use the bathroom, we took turns going in, and we changed and feed the baby in the car to avoid her going inside.  If the weather was nice, I would walk outside with her around the building or take her out to a grassy area.  Which we had good weather there and back.  Being outside for bit and out of the car seat helped tire her out some and she was able to stretch.

We love to travel, and we take the kids whenever we can.  Helping them to see new places and sights, experience new towns, cities, and communities, and also learning that life can be different outside of rural, Midwest America, which is important to us as parents.  Children are never too young, to be expose to new places, sights, and experiences.  Below are a few pictures from Longwood Gardens and Philly.  Enjoy!

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