New Room: the nursery

New Room: the nursery

Well, someday she will sleep through the night and be able to stay up in her nursery…

That someday came but inconsistently (but it’s a start!) Regardless, the nursery is ready. We have spent the past year getting it ready. It started with a remodeling project last fall. The nursery served as an office and had no closet and a door into the storage room. The storage room was a large, unfinished room that took up the space of another bedroom and bathroom that we didn’t need. Currently,we have 6 bedrooms and 4 full baths, I don’t need one more toilet to clean (PERIOD).

Now with a baby, we needed the office converted into a bedroom and the storage room, cut in half and a new office was put in part of that room.  Three new doorways, a new closet, and a new office later, we were ready to work on the baby’s room.

An old dresser was refinished, and colors were selected after we found out the baby was girl. A light mossy green, pink, and gold. Her room is light, bright, and cheerful. We will continue to add to it. A rocker will be put in this room as well. I love decorating with books and we did a wall with a framed onies that was signed by friends and family and centered pictures and quotes around it. We found pieces we loved and built the room around those pieces.

The green focal wall, we have considered adding texture to it, or a large center piece but not sure. We will see once we get the baby in the room and start using it daily. What I can tell you is that we are ready to reclaim our bedroom and sleep through the night!

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