Farmhouse Barnhouse

The house is 3 years old!  It is amazing how fast time flies and how hard we have worked to maintain and update the house over the past three years.  From the yard, to a small remodeling project, to additional flooring, finishing the stairs, painting rooms, etc.  It seems like the work is never done.

I designed this house with the intention of consisting of smaller spaces but very intentional use of space.  It is well layout, flows and provides space for every person in the house (I have always been told that each person needs 500 square feet of space).  From the front, the house doesn’t look it but consists of 6 bedrooms and 4 full baths with numerous living spaces, play spaces, offices, storage, etc. spread out through the three floors. 

Joanna Gains and her style of simplicity and industrial farmhouse inspired much of the design elements in the house (and a lot of research from dozens of interior design books and Pinterest).  White subway tile lines the walls of the grey cabinet kitchen; white and grey themes are through out the house with pops of red at holidays and navy/blue in the summer.  Gold mirrors, barn doors and wood grain accessories line the walls and add for dimension and texture.

The shiplap wall is still my favorite feature but the newly finished stairs (farmhouse rails with industrial cables) might be a close second.  The stairs and rails are a dark wood stain and have barn x’s but still needed cables to provide safety and a finished look.  The cables were added in November and look amazing and provide for finished, industrial look to the barn x’s.    

The baby room was remodeled to add a closet and close off a doorway.  The storage room was remodeled to add an office space and retain about ½ the storage space.  The master bathroom has a rolling glass industrial door in the walk-in shower.   The yard was redone 2 years ago with removing of sand and having the yard graded and seeded. 

We are in the process of shifting space, moving furniture and making more room for the baby/play areas.  Our dinning room table (which we never use but to set stuff on), we moved out of the house.  Hoping to sell and replace with a smaller table but we all tend to eat at the kitchen, at the island, on bar stools.  It was big, took up a lot of space and served as dumping spot for clutter.  It needed to go. 

Changes are updates are always fun.  I don’t care if you have a new house or an old farmhouse, houses take tons of time and upkeep.  We look forward to more small projects this summer!  Good luck with all your projects, big and small!

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