Little Projects, Big Impact

Summer is almost here or it feels like it one day and its gone the next (welcome to Indiana weather).  Over the summer, we try to set goals for our family to accomplish such as trips to take, experiences to have, tasks to accomplish, etc.  We also set goals for house projects as well because it is easier to get these projects done when we are home more over the summer and plus a better time to paint, stain, work outside, etc.

Even though the farmhouse barnhouse is 3 years old, we find ourselves still finding things that need updated or replaced due to wear.  Kids are hard on a house!  Living the country and on a gravel road is hard on a house!  I can dust and within 3 hours, need to dust again.  It never ends.

However, these small projects are fun to complete, cheap and pack a punch for the time/price.  Our list is below for the summer:

Front hall: we have a long and heavy white cabinet in the entry way.  We love the cabinet but want more color in this space.  As you can see from my pictures, we have lots of white and grey in the house.  Instead of taking the leap to paint walls, painting furniture is cheaper, easier and less of a big commitment (especially if you want to change it or don’t like it).  This white cabinet is going to be painted navy blue which will add some color to the foyer, look great with the gold mirror and we will add a new rug with navy/grey in it.

Bedroom: we just got a new bed frame with a beautiful headboard that is dark or deep gold and very modern in style. The side-tables we have need replaced or painted.  I cannot find any side tables that are the right height, width, color, etc. that I like.  So, I will paint what we have and see if we like it. Regardless we are only out the money and time for the paint.  A mossy green will be used for the side tables/nightstands to bring more color into the mauve and gold bedroom to add more depth and richness in color.

Kitchen: we are going to change out all the knobs and pulls this summer.  The knobs that were purchased three years ago are ok, but cheap and some are discolored.  We are going to spend a little more money and get more modern/industrial gold pulls and knobs which will really look sharp against the grey cabinets.  The total for pulls and knobs is around $150.  Not bad for a quick and easy update.

Living room: we did take down our large, farmhouse black dinning room table.  It is beautiful and well made but takes up so much room (side note, it is for sale for $500).  We are looking for a smaller, round table and chairs that we can use for the living room area without taking up half the room.  A light or grey wood pedestal table and bistro chairs would be perfect but I have not found what I am looking for (that is within my budget, ohhhh I have found some amazing tables and chairs but we are not spending $3000 on a set). 

Hope that your summer is filled with great memories, goals and accomplishments.  If you are going to be doing some home repairs, updates, projects, best of luck as well!  Get your bang for your buck with small updates!

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