Swimsuit Weather

Swimsuit Weather…

The dreaded time of the year, pulling out the swim swimsuit and trying them on.  First off, I normally have to locate them, and I normally hold them up, and take a deep breath and think about how badly I don’t want to put it on.  I love warm weather; I love the summer!  But I have a love hate relationship with my swimsuit.

This past winter, I had a baby and then another emergency surgery within 9 days of having the baby.  What a shock to my body.  I had never been so sick and in pain in my life.  The scares from the surgery are not fun to look at and have changed my body to a degree.  So not only am I trying to lose weight from a baby but also a second surgery that really knocked me off my feet and number of on my lower stomach (scars and all).

I am over 40, and your body does not bounce back as fast, and it seems to take sooooo much more effort to lose weight.  I workout harder than I ever have in my life and progression takes so much time! If I had this workout in my 20s or 30s, I would have been a beast!  And at times, this still isn’t enough. 

6-7 days a week
80 arm reps (upper arms and shoulders)
70 crunches
20 squats
1.5 miles run
1 mile rowing (2-3 times week)

This is my daily workout.  Sometimes with a baby and sometimes without a baby.  There aren’t enough hours in the day.  I still don’t feel like I make progression when I am working out at 4:45 am with a baby watching me.  I still dread squeezing into a swimsuit.  Still working on getting into my old jeans.  I just want me old body back.  So, I work harder, longer, etc.  I swear I can look at a milkshake and put on 3 pounds.  But eating a very controlled diet, I may lose a 1 pound over 7 or 8 days (which is healthy but so slow).

Swimsuits… they suck.  I will put my suit on and go swim and layout, but I am not happy.  But I will suck it up.  I will squeeze myself into my suit from last summer and I will keep working out.  Even worse than pulling out the swimsuit, is shopping for swimsuits (which is about as bad is shopping for pants).  I don’t care your body size, body type, if you work out or don’t, I hope that you find peace with your body.  If you are a work in progress, I am with you, my friend.    

One thought on “Swimsuit Weather

  1. You’re a brave woman to do the swimsuit thing! I’m not that brave!
    I hear you on the working out! You do a lot! I simply walk four miles a day, rain, shine, snow or wind! Joe dog seems to enjoy it!!
    Enjoy summer with all your babies!

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