Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!

I love history and some of my favorite people to study in history are the Founding Fathers.  My personal favorite is Thomas Jefferson.  I truly believe that great men (and women) can also be greatly flawed.  But today, on July 4th, I want to remember and honor what those brave men (and women in the background) who were fighting for Independence from England.

When Jefferson was tasked with writing the Declaration of Independence, he was in his early 30’s.  He didn’t want to do it, the idea and responsibly stressed him out and he often suffered for horrible migraines.  But he found inspiration in the Magna Carta (written in 1215).  Which many of the words, terms, language, etc. are very similar to the Declaration of Independence.   I am pretty sure, that in my early 30’s, I would not have been able to write such an important and symbolic document.  These great historical figures were wise beyond their years.   

The concept of freedom and democracy were new. The world watch as the American Revolution ensued to see if these same rebel rousers in 13 colonies would be able to defeat the great, powerful British military.  But with great determination, strength, and courage, the Revolution and democracy prevailed. 

Also on this day, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams passed away, within hours of each other.  They had been good friends, then had a horrible falling out during transitions of presidents (Adams to Jefferson) and then they finally were brought back together, in their old age by Dr. Rush (a mutual friend). 

They spent their last years writing each other but both taking their last breath on July 4, 1826.  How fitting is it that on this day, the celebration of Independence, that these two great men who were pivotal in in the Revolution and leadership of our county, pass peacefully at their respected homes.   As if, they knew, it was done, all was well, long live liberty.

Happy Independence Day!  May the day help you to reflect, celebrate and to give thanks to those who helped to establish democracy, liberty and independence.   

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