Summer House Updates

The summer is flying by!  Holy cow, there are school supplies out at Target and Walmart.  Makes me a little sad but at the same time, that is part of the seasons changing and life working itself back into a normal routine.  With COVID last year, it seemed like summer lasted forever. Many of us spent March till August, excited to get our kids back to school. 

At the beginning of the summer, we had set a few house update goals and today is a check-in on those goals/projects.  The Barnhouse was built in 2018 and underwent some minor remodeling in 2020.  This summer, our hopes were to update some aspects of the house without breaking our banking accounts and we are a little over halfway done with those upgrades.

Kitchen: to upgrade all handles and pulls. Done and done. We had purchased pretty cheaply, traditional knobs and pulls for all the kitchen cabinets when the house was first built. We wanted to update these accessories without breaking the bank and found the modern, brass gold, pulls and knobs and Home Depot. A few hours of work and all have been changed out. They provide a more modern look to the kitchen and match the other gold features in the kitchen. This includes the light and the facet.

Bedroom: I have not owned a bedframe with a headboard for years, so we purchased a brass gold, modern contemporary bedframe and then decided to upgrade the nightstands and lamps.   The nightstands are wooden and mis-matched in color.  I shopped for weeks for nightstand/side tables and could not find anything I liked.  So, we went with a mossy green paint to add color to the bedroom (which is mauve and gold) purchased matching brass gold modern contemporary lamps and we love them!  They all go together perfectly.  Plus, we just moved the baby up to her room, so we have reclaimed our bedroom and have an oversized leather chair is coming from Pottery Barn.

Front porch: planters needed updated, and we found these white, rounded, planters at Home Depot. Ferns are easy to care for and can withstand heat and moisture.  They provide for an updated look to the front of the house and are low maintenance (which I love).

Other updates in the process: we still need to paint a large, white cabinet in our entryway which we have looked at varies shades of navy. Additionally, we need to update one of the kids’ room from a train theme to a camp theme and few other small projects are in the works. We did move the baby to her bedroom which include moving some furniture from our bedroom to her room. 

The total funds spent this summer has been under $1000. We love our home!  We want to continue to care for the house and property so it retains value and increases in value, because it is our forever home.  Any house update is a good update. 

Below are some photos of the updates.

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