Celebrating 5 Years of Rosemary and Lemons!

WOW!!! This month marked a big milestone for Rosemary and Lemons, 5 years of blogs and a small shop.  I cannot tell you how thankful I am for this wonderful opportunity to share my life with all of you.   From blogs about parenting, travel, work to lifestyle blogs about home updates, interior design and home projects; I appreciate those who have followed the blog, commented, liked, shared, etc. 

I started this blog back in 2017 and it was meant to serve as a way for me to develop a brand (Rosemary and Lemons) so that one day I could possibly open a store and/or write a lifestyle book.  Well, 100 plus blog postings later, and over 3,000 views annually, a small shop, and a start to a book, I am slowly getting there.  People from all over Indiana (from Winamac, Star City, to Kewanna, Rocherster, Indianapolis, etc. to across the United States and other countries) have visited the blog!  This humbles me to know that others seek this blog out weekly. 

I remember writing my first blog post and being sick to my stomach when I hit the “post” button.  The content has changed some; the quality has varied (sorry); but I hope to continue to grow the blog, the brand and the store into something bigger, something more, over the next couple of years.  

The store started in 2019 and has grown slowly but needs to turn another corner to either grow or go online.  Custom projects, orders, etc. has helped to shape the store.  I have been able to do some interior design work for numerous families; helped others with household projects; helped pick out paint colors; done wall/framed picture displays for others; welcomed people to the store at Webb Printing; etc.  But regardless, this journey has helped me to meet so many wonderful people and get to do what I love which help others make their homes/their spaces joyful, purposeful, and functional.   Either through interior design, store purchases or reading the blog.   

You have watched our home grow and change over the years as well as our family.  Thank you for coming along on this journey with me!  I am humbled to be part of your lives and hope you will continue to follow me on Rosemary and Lemons.  Happy 5th Anniversary to Rosemary and Lemons Blog!  And here is to many more years!

Below are a few pictures from post over the past five years.

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