Trip Out West

Recently, we took a trip out West to Arizona.  I am used to writing about trips out East and trips that include our kids (this was adults only).  But out West was phenomenal.  I have been to New Mexico, Oregon, and California numerous times, but this was my first time to Las Vegas (which we flew into and out of) and to Arizona.  We rented a car and drove through the dessert to our destinations which provided for some pretty amazing views.  I also learned a few things along the way.

Dry Heat: I am still not sure what this means because at 101 degrees, you are still hot whether there is humidity in the air or not.  Many people say they feel the difference between heat here (Midwest) and the type of heat out there.  But I did not.  It was just plain hot and normally by 7 or 8 am it would be 88 degrees or higher. 

Tuscan was awesome: the resort we stayed in Tuscan was wonderful.  The amenities were great, the price was very reasonable and close to hiking and other get stores, restaurants, etc.  You did have to drive to everything, you could not walk.  The cactus forest (state park) was amazing.  I have never seen such large, old, tall cactus growing out in nature.  Let alone hundreds if not thousands of them.

Sedona red rock: Sedona was beautiful, and the hiking was up mountain and down.  The red rock, mountain views, sunsets, were breathtaking.  The driving around, hugging curves on huge mountains, a little scary.   People just park on the side of narrow highways and walk to have picnics or swim in creeks.  Which creates traffic issues and hazards for safety.  The resort was nice but twice the cost as the resort in Tuscan. 

Grand Canyon, South Rim: from Sedona, the Grand Canyon is a little over 2 hours and you go up, up, up into the mountains and close to Flagstaff.  What I didn’t realize was how much the scenery would change from red rocks and 101-degree heat to miles and miles of pine trees, 67-degree temps and the watch for elk signs on the highway.  Talk about a change in temperatures which was welcomed.  The Grand Canyon was amazing and the views breath-taking.  We hiked the South Rim which is also part of a Geology Trail with dozens of geological rock samples and educational information about the age of the samples pulled from the Canyon while telling you about how the Grand Canyon was formed. 

Staying on track: I like routine and enjoy working out every morning.  I was able to stay on track with running and lifting.  Along with miles and miles of hiking with my best friend (aka my husband). I also got to use my new camera and learn how to better use it.  I got to sit by the pool and read.  I love to read and have about 6 books going right now.  If I can read through 100 pages a day, it has been a good day.    

Would I go back again, yes!  I would change up how many days we stay in certain parts of the State and the drive from Las Vegas was a little much.  Not overly impressed with Vegas but it was fun to see. Arizona did not disappoint, and the views were amazing.  Here are a few more photos from the trip.  Last week vacation, next week school and here comes fall.  Have a great week!


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