Labor Day

A short post for this week but I wanted to honor those men and women who get up each day, head out the door, and work hard for themselves, their families and their communities.  Labor Day is a day of appreciation and a day of rest.  As our current economically climate is challenged due to a lack of a workforce, my hope is that those who are not working right now, will soon get up each day, head out the door, and work hard for themselves and their families.  That is what this Country is built upon strong work ethic, determination, and grit. 

Work also gives most of us a purpose, a reason to be, a reason to help, give, donate, support, build, communicate, teach, design, etc. to use our skills and talents of some sort to help build something greater, to contribute to something bigger, or to build something new.  Those who make up the workforce are innovators, inventors, and visionaries.  They give of themselves, their time, and talents. 

Very proud of our strong work ethic that is displayed in our community and in many communities across the United States.  Hoping to see less “we are hiring” signs in the upcoming months as many will hopefully return to work, purposeful work, and will work hard. 

Work = Purpose

Have a restful Labor Day and keep up the good work!

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